Full name: Viviane Vidmar Wiedreheker 

Artistic name: Viviane Vidmar

1992 - Started operating playing guitar and singing in the Catholic Church of Rio Grande do Sul.

1993 - Began singing competitions in Rio Grande as vocal performer woman singing gauche music where he won awards and trophies including cash.

1995 - He won the Festival song of Serafina Correa - RS the song SCALE undecided as better text, and has been engraved on the CD of the Festival.

1998 - Engraved with the Argentine singer Daniel De los Ríos in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, local rhythms as chacarera, Zamba, rasguido doble, etc.

2000 - Began its activities as a singer in the Orchestra Zaccaro & Cantores, and recordings on the television program "Italianissimo" for the CNT and then to Channel 21 by Band.

2002 - Record CD titled Libertà (Freedom) for "Som Livre" with its lyrics and music of Maestro Zaccaro, for the voices of: Jair Rofrigues, Wanderley Cardoso, Pearl, Agnaldo Timóteo, Falcao, Armando Valsani, Tony Angeli, Luciano Bruno, etc. .

2003 - 2008 - TV appearances: Program Raul Gil, Dercy Goncalvez, Moacyr Franco, Family Chocolate, Olga Buongiovanni, etc. conductor's widow Augustinho Záccaro - The Italianissimo.

2013 - Women who shine - Bombril - Raul Gil - in the program between 5000 women singers was ranked among the top 6.

2015 - He sang in the Ratinho program by SBT - Program Raul Gil - "Women who shine" with Bombril at SBT - Columnist Magazine "In Vistta". It was judge at Fest'Italia (Italian Music Festival) in Palma Sola - SC.

2016 - She is model for TV commercials of Agency Bravo Model.It was a participant in the X-Factor Brazil by TNT Band and where 10,000 singers from around the country, was ranked among the 3,000 best. 3000 best, was ranked among the top 500! 

2017 - CD recording Sertanejo by Viviane Vidmar. Outstanding Singer Award for the William Shakespeare Academy at the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo.

2018 - Launch of CD Country If Today I Drink.

2019 - Mega Fest Certificate 2019 Featured 2019 in category Singer-Songwriter for TV Aberta - Idealizer Iran Temptation.
• Viviane Vidmar Certificate - Tourism & Opportunities Program delivered by presenter and journalist Kléber Almeida - Campinas Region and the entire Water Circuit.
• Elyte Premium 2019 trophy delivered by Kankan.
• Artist Discography - by Iran Temptation on Open TV.
• Elyte Gold Trophy - Tribute 2019 - Buffet Manaus - Delivered by Kankan.
• Feature 2019 delivered by CBTur President Ruthinea de Carvalho at the Jockey Club.

2020 - Program VIVIANE VIDMAR every Tuesday at 7pm LIVE on CINEC TV.

2021 - Maternity leave, her son Rafael was born on 29.04.21.

Formed in singing in the school Prana in Sao Paulo - SP, Brasil, Diploma in Tourism with emphasis and events - UNIP. Then graduated in Communications and Media - UNIP, Training Executive Secretariary at Institute Monitor - SP, who is fluent in languages: Italian, Spanish and English. Learning: French and German.


Viviane Vidmar is native from Serafina Correa- Rio Grande do Sul - He is 41 years old, and currently lives in Sao Paulo - SP , Brazil.

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